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Whiteboards : Five classes are equipped with whiteboards to enhance teaching and learning. Currently only the Mathematics and English classes have it. Project to extend the white boards is underway.
1.    Cell C: donated Tablets to the school. They supplied the school  with 20 tablets , a printer , laptop and 3g of data every month. Foundation Phase learners / teachers are currently using them for their lessons. 
2.    Telkom Foundation : Established and equipped the school with Computer Lab

School Phases
Grade R : We have two classes available , 2 Teachers and an Assistant Teacher. 
Foundation Phase : Grade 1 – 3
Intermediate Phase : Grade 4 -6
Senior Phase : Grade 7
Assessment Plans and Demarcation of Exam/ Test for the terms available on the D6  App

HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE D 6 Communicator on your Phone– Please click the link below

School time
Start 7:25 am
School out: 13:30

School Terms


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